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Questions regarding the Live Better Sustainability Summit & Resource Fair have been organized into the following sections: Exhibitor Questions & Supplier Questions. Use the tabs below to navigate between the two sections.

Exhibitor Questions & Answers

Who’s paying for the Resource Fair?
While Wal-Mart is paying for most of the cost of the event, nonprofit Exhibitors are asked to contribute $350, while for-profit exhibitors are asked to contribute $750.

When should I plan to arrive?
As the event will run from 9 AM-6 PM, at least one member of your party should plan to arrive on Oct 9th and depart on Oct 11th. Setup of booths will happen in the early morning on Oct 10, and teardown will happen that evening. Due to limited flights to/from XNA airport, if you will be traveling by commercial airline it will be physically impossible for your whole party to attend the entire Resource Fair if you try to arrive on the morning of the 10th and leave on the evening of the 10th.

 Where should we stay?
The RSVP website provides information on local hotel options, or try an online travel search engine. Search near “Bentonville/Rogers” or XNA airport.

Who should my organization send to participate as an exhibitor?
Be sure to bring members of your organization who have experience communicating in business/strategic terms to top executives. Technical experts are welcome as additional resources, as some executives (and other visitors) may have detailed technical questions.

How many people can I bring?
We recommend that you bring 2-3 people from your organization. We do not recommend bringing more than 4 people.

Will I have a chance to give a presentation?
No. The Resource Fair format is set up for networking and conversation and not for presentations.

Will I be able to post documents and information about my organization online?
Yes. We are in the process of creating a website to allow exhibitors to post:

  • documents relevant to supplier companies
  • 50-word descriptions of their organizations
  • links to their own websites

We encourage all exhibitors to use this website, as it will be accessible to Summit attendees both before and after the event. When this website launches (our target is early the week of Sept 17), we will send additional information about it in a separate email.

Who will attend the Resource Fair? How many people will attend the Resource Fair?
In addition to supplier CEOs and their guests (who will attend a special CEO dialogue with Wal-Mart executives from 1-3 p.m.), Wal-Mart associates and Bentonville-based sales representatives from supplier companies will likely visit the Sustainability Resource Fair. We estimate that at least 1000 people will attend, and possibly many more. Keep in mind, however, that not every visitor to the fair will necessarily visit every booth. In any case, we recommend bringing a large supply of business cards.

What sectors will be represented among suppliers attending this summit?
Supplier companies will be from many sectors—including food, hardware, electronics, clothing, and anything else you can find in a Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club store. Companies that provide Wal-Mart with non-consumer goods and services will also attend.

 What will people know about us before they walk into the exhibition hall?
They will know that Wal-Mart considers you to be an expert on sustainability and they may have read the descriptions of your organization which we will post on the event website and print in the event program (please provide a 50-word description to [email protected] ASAP).

How many exhibitors do you expect to have? Who will the other exhibitors be?
We expect to have 50-75 exhibitors at the fair—including NGOs, consultants, innovative companies, academics, and internal Wal-Mart resources who can offer suppliers sustainability assistance in areas such as product innovation, certification, organizational change, and communication. We will send a list of exhibitors shortly.

How will the exhibition hall be organized?
The Fair will be held in a large conference room set up “trade fair” style, with one 30” x 8’ table and 2 chairs for each exhibitor. Feel free to dress up your table however you like, or substitute a booth for your table (the maximum booth size will be 4’ x 8’). We will arrange exhibitors into logical clusters of expertise.

Will we be able to see the plenary session?
The CEO dialogue session will be held in the middle of the day (1-3 PM) in a room adjacent to the exhibition hall, and space will restrict attendance to Wal-Mart executives and supplier CEOs and their guests. However, we plan to have closed circuit viewing available on several screens in the trade show area and breakout rooms.

What will the topics be for the Breakout sessions?
Currently the four scheduled 20 minute presentations following the plenary are:

  • Designing Workable Sustainability Business Strategies (Blu Skye Sustainability)
  • Engaging Your Organization in Sustainability (Act Now Productions)
  • Creating Business Value through Sustainability (InterfaceRAISE)
  • Innovating with Nature as Model (Biomimicry Guild)

Are the Breakout sessions open to Exhibitors?
Yes, there should be ample space to accommodate supplier executives (the key audience for these Q&A-focused sessions) and others.

Will there be time allocated for networking with other Exhibitors?
We plan to designate a restaurant where exhibitors can meet the night before. Slower times at the Fair, including parts of the morning and during the plenary (1-3 p.m.) when all executives will leave the room, may also provide networking time.

How much space will I get for my booth?
You will be provided with one 8’ x 30” table and 2 chairs per table. If you prefer to have a booth, please plan for it to fit within an 8’ x 4’ space. Standard 10’ x 10’ and 8’ x 10’ exhibit booths will be too big for the space available.

Will there be electrical outlets available?
Yes, for a small fee. Use the PDF document from the Embassy Suites Hotel to meet your electrical or A/V needs.

Will there be internet connectivity?
Yes, for a fee. Pricing is included on the PDF document from the Embassy Suites Hotel. You could also bring your own wireless internet card.

Will there be TVs available for showing DVDs/videos?
A limited number of TVs are available for a fee. Please use the attached form to reserve, as needed.

Can I send something to the event location (Embassy Suites Hotel) in advance?
Any items shipped to the hotel need to arrive no more than Oct 7. Packages shipped to the hotel will be held in storage in the hotel’s storeroom and can be delivered upon request. The hotel must be notified in advance of any packages over 50 lbs., or any shipments arriving on pallets or crates, in order to make arrangements to receive them. Handling charges apply to all shipments received (see schedule of charges). NOTE: the hotel does not own a forklift and the convention receiving dock is at ground level.To ensure that your packages get appropriate attention, please address them as follows:

Name of person to receive the package(s)
Oct 10 CEO Sustainability Summit – “Live Better” Sustainability Resource Fair
c/o Embassy Suites Northwest Arkansas
3303 Pinnacle Hills Parkway
Rogers, AR 72758

Embassy Suites Hotel Schedule of Charges for receiving shipped items:

Envelopes and small Fed Ex / UPS carrier company boxes NO CHARGE
Parcels under (10) pounds $5.00 per package
Packages under (20) pounds $10.00 per package
All packages (21) pounds to (35) pounds $15.00 per package
All packages (36 to 45) pounds $20.00 per package
All packages over (50) pounds $20.00 per package
All packages over (45) pounds $25.00 per package
All packages held over (2) two days $2.00 per day/package
All over-size boxes $15.00 per box
All normal size pallets $75.00 per pallet
All over-size pallets $100.00 per pallet
All pallets held more than 2 days $50.00 per day

For further questions about shipping items, please contact the hotel directly: [email protected].

Summit Agenda

Summit Agenda

Questions regarding the Live Better Sustainability Summit & Resource Fair have been organized into the following sections: Exhibitor Questions & Supplier Questions. Use the tabs below to navigate between the two sections.

Making Sustainability Work

Location: Grand Ballroom IX
Presented By: Doug McMillon, CEO, Sam’s Club; Jib Ellison, Founder, Blu Skye Sustainability Consulting

This session will feature a dialogue between Doug McMillon, CEO of Sam’s Club and Jib Ellison, founder of Blu Skye Sustainability Consulting, about how Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club have integrated sustainability into the business. Doug and Jib will explain some of the tools and tactics that have helped the company innovate and create new sources of value using the lens of sustainability, share stories of how sustainability is changing the company culture, and discuss the critical success factors for any company that wants to gain competitive advantage through sustainability.

Engaging Your Organization in Sustainability

Location: Grand Ballroom VII
Presented By: Linda Dillman, EVP, Risk, Benefits and Sustainability, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.; Adam Werbach, Founder and CEO, Act Now!; Judah Schiller, Executive Vice President, Act Now!

Linda Dillman will host a conversation with Act Now’s Adam Werbach and Judah Schiller on employing sustainability as a means of more deeply engaging your workforce. Act Now has helped Wal-Mart design and deploy the Personal Sustainability Project, an innovative program which has unleashed the energy and creativity of 1.3 million Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club U.S. associates, and is now being used to propel select products in the stores. This session will share stories from Wal-Mart’s PSP program and highlight how a sustainability engagement initiative helps build internal support and credibility and aids in recruiting, productivity and retention.

Sustainability and Product Innovation

Location: Grand Ballroom X
Presented By: Greg Spragg, Executive Vice President of Merchandising/Replenishment for Sam’s Club; Barry Patterson, Business Catalyst, Biomimicry Guild; Steve Bishop, Global Sustainability Lead, IDEO

Gregg Spragg hosts an innovation breakout session with the Biomimicry Guild and IDEO. The Guild’s Barry Patterson introduces the concept of biomimicry and how design from nature can inspire more successful and sustainable products. Steve Bishop introduces human-centered design process and what IDEO has learned (so far) at the intersection of innovation and sustainability. This hands-on session explores how Biomimicry can be used as a tool for innovation, and how, through human-centered design, these innovations might be realized.

Driving Business Value Through Sustainability

Location: Grand Ballroom VIII
Presented By: Mike Duke, Vice Chairman, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.; Jim Hartzfeld, Managing Director, InterfaceRAISE and Past Chairman, U.S. Green Building Council

Mike Duke, Vice Chairman of Wal-Mart Stores, will host a conversation with Jim Hartzfeld, Managing Director of InterfaceRAISE, about how Interface, a publicly-owned global manufacturer, pioneered fully integrating sustainability into its business strategy and operations. Jim will share practical lessons on how Interface turned sustainability into a competitive advantage, avoided $336 million in cost and cut total energy use by 45%. Jim will explain how to respond to the social and environmental call to action from stakeholders, including where to start, the associated risks and opportunities, and how to communicate about the efforts. The session will provide examples about quickly improving efficiency and achieving cost reductions in alignment with sustainability goals, and will explore how to identify a company’s best opportunities for sustainability improvement in product process and design.