Summit Agenda

Summit Agenda

Questions regarding the Live Better Sustainability Summit & Resource Fair have been organized into the following sections: Exhibitor Questions & Supplier Questions. Use the tabs below to navigate between the two sections.

Making Sustainability Work

Location: Grand Ballroom IX
Presented By: Doug McMillon, CEO, Sam’s Club; Jib Ellison, Founder, Blu Skye Sustainability Consulting

This session will feature a dialogue between Doug McMillon, CEO of Sam’s Club and Jib Ellison, founder of Blu Skye Sustainability Consulting, about how Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club have integrated sustainability into the business. Doug and Jib will explain some of the tools and tactics that have helped the company innovate and create new sources of value using the lens of sustainability, share stories of how sustainability is changing the company culture, and discuss the critical success factors for any company that wants to gain competitive advantage through sustainability.

Engaging Your Organization in Sustainability

Location: Grand Ballroom VII
Presented By: Linda Dillman, EVP, Risk, Benefits and Sustainability, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.; Adam Werbach, Founder and CEO, Act Now!; Judah Schiller, Executive Vice President, Act Now!

Linda Dillman will host a conversation with Act Now’s Adam Werbach and Judah Schiller on employing sustainability as a means of more deeply engaging your workforce. Act Now has helped Wal-Mart design and deploy the Personal Sustainability Project, an innovative program which has unleashed the energy and creativity of 1.3 million Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club U.S. associates, and is now being used to propel select products in the stores. This session will share stories from Wal-Mart’s PSP program and highlight how a sustainability engagement initiative helps build internal support and credibility and aids in recruiting, productivity and retention.

Sustainability and Product Innovation

Location: Grand Ballroom X
Presented By: Greg Spragg, Executive Vice President of Merchandising/Replenishment for Sam’s Club; Barry Patterson, Business Catalyst, Biomimicry Guild; Steve Bishop, Global Sustainability Lead, IDEO

Gregg Spragg hosts an innovation breakout session with the Biomimicry Guild and IDEO. The Guild’s Barry Patterson introduces the concept of biomimicry and how design from nature can inspire more successful and sustainable products. Steve Bishop introduces human-centered design process and what IDEO has learned (so far) at the intersection of innovation and sustainability. This hands-on session explores how Biomimicry can be used as a tool for innovation, and how, through human-centered design, these innovations might be realized.

Driving Business Value Through Sustainability

Location: Grand Ballroom VIII
Presented By: Mike Duke, Vice Chairman, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.; Jim Hartzfeld, Managing Director, InterfaceRAISE and Past Chairman, U.S. Green Building Council

Mike Duke, Vice Chairman of Wal-Mart Stores, will host a conversation with Jim Hartzfeld, Managing Director of InterfaceRAISE, about how Interface, a publicly-owned global manufacturer, pioneered fully integrating sustainability into its business strategy and operations. Jim will share practical lessons on how Interface turned sustainability into a competitive advantage, avoided $336 million in cost and cut total energy use by 45%. Jim will explain how to respond to the social and environmental call to action from stakeholders, including where to start, the associated risks and opportunities, and how to communicate about the efforts. The session will provide examples about quickly improving efficiency and achieving cost reductions in alignment with sustainability goals, and will explore how to identify a company’s best opportunities for sustainability improvement in product process and design.

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